Technical education
is our focus


Engineering knowhow is needed more than ever.

Companies, schools and other governmental organizations are often not able to attain enough qualified people to fulfill the necessary. This is not a European problem only. This is a worldwide problem.
Especially in developing countries. We want to change it.


Prittwitz Consulting trains

Our goal is reached when our customer is able to run a technical state of the art school by himself including advanced training lessons for instructors.
With more than 15 years of experience in the field of sustainable technical education in many countries of the African continent, we are capable of doing it.


The African continent receives three times more sunlight radiation than the northern hemisphere.


Core areas

Our Technical Trades



Vehicle Mechanics & Mechatronics

This course trains technically skilled students or pre-trained technicians to become automotive technicians. Vehicle mechanics professional course trains car electrics, powertrain, suspension and brakes, different kinds of engines and a lot more. After the successful completion, the student is able to go further with a Mechatronics Course.

Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic and Thermal Systems

The influence of renewable systems takes more and more part of our energy production worldwide. The African continent has more than three times of sunlight radiation than the northern hemisphere which makes these countries unique in case of a sustainable, non-emitting energy production by PV-cells. Renewable Systems emphasis: PV, Thermal Systems and its protection.


Electrical Systems

Electrical systems includes LV, MV and HV components, house electrics, the production and transmission of energy, different kinds of substations and its operation and much more. Maintenance takes a big part of the education, because good maintenance is at least the cheapest way to operate systems for a long time.



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Bernhard v. Prittwitz (Dipl. - Eng.)

Founder & Lead Instructor Renewable Energy

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